Jason Reid was appointed Company CEO October 1, 2013 and also serves as Company President and as a director. Jason Reid was appointed President of the Company in July 2010 and also served as Vice President of Corporate Development from January 2008 to July 2010. He was named to the Board of Directors in 2010. Jason has been with the Company since it was a private Company and helped take it public in Sept of 2006 with its self-underwritten "IPO". Jason was part of a management team that took Gold Resource Corporation from an exploration stage company, to a development stage company, and finally to the gold and silver dividend paying producer that Gold Resource Corporation is today. Prior to joining the Company Jason was the founder and president of two successful businesses he ran for 13 years. Jason holds a Bachelor of Science degree (1997) in Anthropology/Archeology from Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado.

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