James Rickards
Meraglim Inc.
Chief Global Strategist & Best Selling Author
Marin Katusa
Katusa Research
Rob McEwen
Chairman and Chief Owner
McEwen Mining Inc.
Rick Rule
Director, President and CEO
Sprott US Holdings, Inc.
Frank Holmes
US Global Investors & HIVE Blockchain Solutions
Jim Dines
The Dines Letter
Doug Casey
Casey Research LLC
David Morgan
The Morgan Report
Frank Curzio
Founder & CEO
Curzio Research
Keith Neumeyer
President & CEO
First Majestic Silver Corp.
Ivan Bebek
Chairman and Director
Auryn Resources Inc.
Mike Maloney
Founder and Owner
Robert Bishop
Former Editor and Publisher
Gold Mining Stock Report
Amir Adnani
President & CEO
Uranium Energy Corp. & GoldMining Inc.
Teeka Tiwari
The Palm Beach Letter
Jeffrey Christian
Managing Director
CPM Group
Peter Mitchell
Senior Vice President & CFO
Coeur Mining Inc.
Jordan Trimble
President and CEO
Skyharbour Resources Ltd.
Michael Gokturk
Founder & CEO
Einstein Exchange
Peter Spina
President & CEO
GoldSeek.com | SilverSeek.com
Mark Ferguson
Associate Director, Metals & Mining Research
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Bo Polny
Market CYCLE Analysis
Gold 2020 Forecast LLC
Nolan Watson
President & CEO
Sandstorm Gold Ltd.
Gianni Kovacevic
My Electrician Drives a Porsche? & Exec. Chairman CopperBank
Nick Hodge
Outsider Club
Garth Braun
President, CEO and Chairman
Blackbird Energy Inc.
Jonathan Awde
President & CEO, Director (Co-founder)
Gold Standard Ventures Corp.
Adrian Day
Adrian Day Asset Management
Haytham Hodaly
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
Silver Wheaton Corp.
Frank Trotter
EverBank Global Markets
David D. Cates
President and Chief Executive Officer
Denison Mines Corp.
Ian Gibbs
Africa Oil Corp.
Kai Hoffmann