Tristan was born in Scotland, educated in Australia and moved to Canada in 1998.  He has been working in the subsea robotics industry since then; initially for International Submarine Engineering (ISE) and then for Cellula Robotics.  He progressed from robotics engineer to project manager at ISE and now runs the Control Systems group at Cellula, responsible for all electrical & software work at the company.


Tristan was instrumental in the design & operation of ISE’s “Explorer” range of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs).  These are unmanned robot submarines used for a variety of applications mostly related to deep sea mapping.  He was the ISE project manager and chief pilot for the Canadian government UNCLOS mission in 2010 which successfully used an AUV to gather data in support of Canada’s claim to extend our territorial boundaries in the Arctic.  The AUV in question spent 12 days under the ice performing 3 separate missions of several hundred km each.  It was a technically ambitious project, but it was successful.


At Cellula, Tristan & his group have contributed to the design & operation of:

·The Imotus-1 Hovering AUV for underwater confined space inspection

·The Solus family of cruising AUVs

·Remotely operated seafloor drilling systems for geotechnical and geophysical work

·Subsea control systems for well intervention

·Bespoke subsea robotic systems


Tristan has a Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering (with honours) from Monash University in Australia.

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