Isla Catriona is a Social Entrepreneur, a Healthcare Futurist and public advocate, whose mission is to help improve health and wellness for all, through innovative communication technologies and workflows.

Isla’s interests and core work has a focus on vulnerable populations who either through geography or lack of mobility have reduced access to healthcare.  Isla works closely with inner-city housing groups to build multidisciplinary clinical care teams that are embedded in housing facilities, thereby increasing accessibility to healthcare and improving the quality of life for patients. 2014 was a landmark year for Isla; she co-founded one of the first virtually embedded telemedicine clinics in inner-city resource centers. The clinics offer face to face outreach healthcare services provided by pharmacists and nurses with a focus of connecting patients through two-way video interactions with physicians and specialists.

Isla also co-pioneered the deployment of pharmacy vending kiosk's with advanced robotics, two-way video teleconferencing, and a secure network for patient’s medical information to create a prescription medication dispensing systems.  The kiosk includes an automated prescription dispensing mechanism that is monitored remotely by a pharmacy team in a central call center.

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