In 2007, Noront discovered a nickel, copper, platinum and palladium discovery at the deposit now known as Eagle’s Nest. Since the discovery of Eagle One (renamed Eagle's Nest) in August 2007, Noront has invested approximately $100 million in exploration to date in the Ring of Fire. Since the initial discovery in 2007, Noront has made additional discoveries including: The Blackbird chromite deposits, Eagle Two, a nickel, copper discovery, AT-12, a nickel, copper, platinum and palladium discovery, Thunderbird, a vanadium, iron, titanium deposit, and The Triple J Gold Zone. Noront’s current objectives are: Advancing the Eagle’s Nest project development through technical studies, feasibility studies and permitting, Exploration drilling at the Eagle's Nest Complex to identify new Ni-Cu sulphide deposits, Additional drilling on the Blackbird chromite deposits with the objective of increasing the Company's chromite resources, Advancing the development of the Blackbird chromite deposits through additional technical studies, Thorough analysis of AT-12 data to define and prioritize targets to be tested in upcoming winter programs when access is less challenging, and On-going and reviewing and prioritization of additional regional exploration.

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