Proton Technologies


We believe our value can exceed 100 billion dollars within 5 years, using our technology which can pull pure hydrogen from hydrocarbon reservoirs while leaving all CO2 in the ground.  Oil, gas, and coal companies will soon discover that they have the world's carbonless energy future and infrastructure in their hands already.  Producing companies will gladly pay us licensing fees and royalties to increase revenues from their existing assets while competing as low cost clean energy.  Already Europe, Japan, and the USA have hundreds of hydrogen vehicle fuelling stations. The transformation to hydrogen will happen faster than most people expect!  Already several government agencies within Canada have provided funding for our carbonless energy solution, and internationally we plan to use as many "free green dollars" as we can to advance our implementation, alongside private investment.   The existing hydrogen market is huge, proven, and fast growth is imminent.  Proton is seeking further investment to build out projects within "regional centres of excellence" in places like Germany, Scandinavia, California, and the Middle East.  The only byproduct of burning hydrogen is pure water - a valuable benefit.  We are poised perfectly to provide incredible returns quickly.

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