Hi! I’m the KetogenicGirl®!

I am passionate about the power of food to not only satisfy and delight us, but to heal us. The HEALING POWER of food is so tremendously overlooked in our modern health framework and symptom driven rather than proactive medical care. The power of healing from our food choices in each day is going to continue to be revealed as people vote with their money at the grocery store, voting for REAL FOOD and choosing high quality nourishment rather than inexpensive food devoid of actual nourishment.

The Ketogenic Diet is the most leading edge and exciting way of eating out there today. And it just MAKES SENSE. A  low fat diet is basically treating carbohydrates as our main food source, is basically just living off of mostly sugar with some protein. Our bodies are optimized to burn fat for fuel which is why we are so good at storing it on our bodies!

My life completely changed the day that I discovered the Ketogenic Diet. After years of searching and failing, I finally found not only what worked best for my body but for my mind and soul as well! Keto has become a very successful way of life for me – I went from living most of my teenage and adult years at over 160 pounds down to my dream weight all while enjoying delicious high fat foods and healthy proteins with very limited carbs and next to no exercise! It almost seemed too good to be true! I had always believed I would live without much fat or flavor in my life, keeping calories as low as possible which never worked for me. .

I’m here to share some tips that helped me convert my body to being keto adapted, personalized coaching, meal plans, and tasty recipes!

Read on for more!

With warmth and encouragement,


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