My name is Sarah Adelain Killen also known as Killen Ink Beauty.  I am a Makeup Artist and Certified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist currently based out of Vancouver, BC Canada.

I have been in the beauty industry for the last 9 years starting my career at an early age with MAC Cosmetics in 2017.  It was with MAC that I discovered my passion for people, makeup and tattoos and there it led me on an amazing journey that I have been fortunate enough to turn into my career.  After 4 years with MAC I opened and led the beauty team at Burberry Cosmetics working with designers such as Victoria Beckham, Donna Karan, Rachel Zoe and many more. 

In 2015 I took a leap and began my freelance journey. I am also very blessed to be apart of many award winning makeup teams including Blue Jasmine hair and makeup team & Burberry Beauty freelance makeup.  With these teams I’m able to provide my services for weddings, editorials, private makeup lessons and more.

As I listened to my clients struggle with their everyday makeup routines I realized there is a growing need for a more permanent solution.  It was then I decided to expand my skill set and add cosmetic tattooing to my resume.  It is with great pride that I can offer my clients the highest quality micro pigmentation procedures including, feather and powder brows, lip liner, ombre and fill, top and bottom eyeliner, freckles and beauty marks as well as hair follicle simulation.

Welcome to the world of Killen Ink Beauty.

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