Ground and borehole geophysics - we can help you find a mine! Abitibi Geophysics is dedicated to providing the highest quality geophysical data collection, processing and interpretation to help our clients find precious and base metals, diamonds, uranium and other mineral resources. We have built an international reputation over 28 years through innovative developments and by delivering competitively priced top-quality products safely and on time. Surveys are conducted efficiently, safely and reliably in compliance with an ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System. Major mining companies have audited and approved our comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety program and environmental protection awareness practices. Abitibi Geophysics is an innovator of survey methodologies, instrumentation and interpretation; e.g. developed the InfiniTEM configuration to increase the depth of exploration to exceed 1,000-meters. Abitibi Geophysics provides a total service package, including: survey design, data acquisition, compilation, project reporting, Interpretation and modeling / inversion, and quality control. Abitibi Geophysics has the experienced staff and equipment to provide the following services: Time-domain electromagnetics, Resistivity / induced polarization, Ground gravity and Borehole Gravity, Magnetics and Gamma-ray spectrometry.

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