Jaguar Mining Inc. is a gold producer in Brazil with operations in a prolific greenstone belt in the state of Minas Gerais. Jaguar owns or controls mineral resources in a land base of approximately 210,000 hectares in Brazil, including the Gurupi Project in the northern state of Maranhão. This vast resource base represents significant opportunity for future growth.

Jaguar is committed to increasing shareholder value through its aggressive cost reduction and productivity improvement initiatives and a commitment to a best practices program where health, safety and environmental considerations receive the highest priority.

Jaguar is a Canadian-chartered entity with its principal executive office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and administrative office in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The common shares of Jaguar are listed on the TSX - Venture Exchange under the symbol JAG.

Jaguar's Investment Appeal:

  1. Low geo-political risk profile - Brazil's stable democratic government, strong mining code and abundant natural resources provide a measure of safety compared to a number of gold operations located elsewhere in Latin America, Africa or other locations.
  2. Low discovery and conversion costs - identified high-grade brownfield gold deposits to relatively shallow depths reduces Jaguar's mineral acquisition and conversion to reserves costs.
  3. Proven exploration and growth potential - mines in the district where Jaguar currently operates have proven continuity to depths of up to 2,400 meters. Jaguar's mineral resources are to an average depth of less than 400 meters. In addition, the Gurupi project represents an excellent opportunity for future growth through the development of a major open pit mining operation.
  4. Outstanding infrastructure - with its operations near Belo Horizonte, a city of four million people, Jaguar is able to source trained personnel, power, equipment, and the permits and licenses it requires to develop and conduct its operations. Moreover, Jaguar's local team of over 1,200 employees live at home in close proximity to schools, medical facilities.
  5. Experienced and dedicated senior management team with extensive collective experience in mining, finance, and project management.
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