Broadband high-speed Internet access is considered globally as an essential utility crucial for business, education and social activities. Current providers are only able to economically deliver broadband services in densely populated urban areas, leaving many non-urban areas with no access to broadband services. Based on recent published research there are approximately 7M underserved people in Canada and 55M in the United States creating an imposing ‘digital divide’ harmful to both economic health and public social growth.

Terastream Broadband is the global license partner and commercial arm of White Space Technologies Inc. White Space has developed and deployed a disruptive technology that delivers wireless fibre-like broadband services in areas where there is no access to wireline internet services. This ‘wireless fiber’ technology enables broadband delivery up to 100KM away from a single transmission tower and places Terastream Broadband squarely in the forefront of what is being dubbed the “White Space Internet Revolution”.

Terastream provides a low CAPEX, long-range wireless fiber system that utilizes existing infrastructure and unutilized blocks of UHF spectrum which is being freed up globally as over the air television demand diminishes. Terastream’s proprietary solutions economically deliver broadband utility access with high speeds and low latencies over vast non-urban areas comparable to urban service levels. The Terastream solution provides a wireless fibre-like experience at a fraction of the cost of typical fiber-optic service deployments or any comparable service solutions.

Terastream’s wireless fiber solutions have applications amongst a variety of business verticals. These include pure play wireless broadband delivery (Canada/USA), Joint Venture models with existing cable providers looking to expand their service footprint (USA); and middle-haul applications for telecommunications companies looking to increase network efficiencies (India). All three of these verticals are currently being developed and the company should achieve first cash flow from operations in 2016.

Long range wireless delivery of high speed broadband Global demand for services & first mover advantage R&D focused company transitioning to cash flow Government backing and incentives
Experienced management team Recurring Revenue Model
Low cost to build out
Scalable business

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