Gold Stock Bull - Jason Hamlin


Despite impressive gains in the past decade, gold and silver are still nowhere near their inflation-adjusted highs. John Williams of estimates that using true inflation numbers, gold would need to climb to nearly $9,000 and silver to over $500 per ounce to match the highs attained during 1980!

The U.S. dollar and other fiat currencies are rapidly declining in value as the Federal Reserve, ECB and Western governments are printing and borrowing with reckless abandon. This race to debase is creating ripe conditions for inflation and the potential for hyper-inflation in the coming years. I have created this website to help investors protect their assets from the coming economic/currency crisis and profit from the bull market in commodities.

I research resource companies that are undervalued relative to their peers, use fundamental and technical analysis to find the best entry and exit points and utilize stop orders to protect capital. I believe in the companies that I write about and never accept payment to pump a particular stock, eliminating any conflict of interest. Much of my research is published for free on this site, so make sure to Subscribe to the FREE Email Alerts.

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