Hydrogen in Motion - Safe, non-toxic, portable energy. Hydrogen In Motion (H2M) is developing mobile hydrogen storage tanks and will deliver these tanks to owners of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for them to use with their hydrogen fuel equipment or vehicles.

The dream of a hydrogen economy with energy generated from renewable resources and water as the waste product has yet to be realized. There are two critical issues that hinder widespread adoption:

  1. Hydrogen at room temperature is a gas and therefore storage is both difficult and expensive and
  2. There is limited hydrogen refueling infrastructure.

Hydrogen in Motion Inc. (H2M) is addressing both these issues by developing a non-compressed hydrogen storage tank and delivering these tanks directly to the consumer homes for off-board refueling, whereby consumers exchange the empty tanks in their vehicles for full tanks. Hydrogen In Motion has developed a proprietary material that binds hydrogen through physisorption. This patent pending technology will enable cost-effective hydrogen storage at high efficiencies.

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