The President's Club Investment Letter & The Globe and Mail


The President’s Club is one of the biggest investment letters in Canada and has an excellent track record of value creation. We cater primarily to retail investors based on the premise that there is strength in numbers. Whereas it’s difficult for individual investors to get access to the same information or management teams as institutions, collectively the President’s Club’s subscribers can weild the clout of a much larger investor. Our size allows us access and the ability to negotiate special deals with companies, which our membership has benefited from tremendously.

We specialize primarily in value stocks – typically broken companies on the mend – and unique, high-growth small-cap stocks. A theme common to most of our picks is that they are not well known when we invest in them but will be eventually – hence our motto, Be Early And Prosper. We also cover dividend-paying companies, large caps and ETFs.

The Newsletter is published by long-time Globe And Mail investment columnist Fabrice Taylor, CFA, who has been writing about markets for 15 years, and a small team of analysts. He launched The President’s Club, a joint venture with The Globe and Mail, in 2011.

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