Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic


Tourism is one of the pillars of the Dominican economy, with an estimated 25% of the nation’s GDP.

The country is fully capable of attracting international investment, boasting a strategic geographic location, in the heart of the North and South American hemispheres, rapid access to Western markets and established industrial free-trade zones allowing for cost-effective trade through its ports and international airports. We are the largest worldwide producer of premium cigars, and leading exporter of high-quality organic cacao and bananas. 

With 8 international airports, an extensive road network, advanced telecommunications infrastructure and a skilled, qualified labor force, the Dominican Republic offers a modern transportation infrastructure that is unique for the region. According to the WTO, we are the Caribbean leader in both, tourism and large infrastructure facilities.

In addition to its economic benefits, the country boasts a truly investment friendly regulatory environment. The country has an International Investment Law that grants equal rights to foreigners, with tax exemptions to retirees who choose to establish residency in the D.R. Tourism Laws provides fiscal exemptions to tourism new projects and allows refurbishing and re-equipment of five-year-old projects, ensuring competitiveness and return on investments.

Thanks to a confluence of natural beauty, excellent climate and the kindness of the Dominicans, the surplus value of real estate makes the DR a hub of international investment and get a healthy return, shelter savings and enjoy a second home. 

The Dominican Republic has over 65,000 hotel rooms with an average occupancy rate of 70%.Along with its main touristic destinations (Puerto Plata, Caribbean coast, Punta Cana, Jarabacoa, 

Samana, Barahona, Montecristi, etc.) the country offers the greatest biodiversity in the Caribbean.

Endless beaches, tall mountains, dense jungles, arid deserts and waterfalls coexist in this magic land. A port network, and high-end signature golf courses, positioning the DR as a leading Caribbean golf destination. Our vital musical heritage and fine cuisine help make ours a rich, diverse culture that is worth knowing.

The DR offers investors not only an adequate legal framework to develop projects, but also a variety of different regions with unique tourism potential.The Dominican Republic is the treasure of the Caribbean. It is a place full of promises for doing business, offering investment security and welcoming new ventures with open arms and the warmth and the joy of the Dominican people.

Security, well-being, joy and culture is what the Dominican Republic offers at each of its destinations. We have 23 offices worldwide to promote our country and help you choose the DR as an Investment destination- with hopes that it will soon become your next home.

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