Canada is a global exploration powerhouse, home to hundreds of companies exploring thousands of projects across the globe. That means Toronto's stock exchanges let everyone participate in the search for new mines. And new mines are needed, because the world is incessantly hungry for metals: copper to move electricity, iron to build structures, zinc to protect iron, gold to carry wealth, silver to solder electronics, and so on. As long as populations continue to climb and developing countries continue to grow, demand will not abate. 
That's the big picture - incessant demand - but it takes detail to turn that concept into cash. Many details matter, from each metal's supply-demand balance to the politics of resource development in different countries to the availability of capital to build new mines. 
Those answers outline what the race will be - a sprint or a marathon, a single commodity or the whole sector - but still leave unanswered the most important question of all: which horse to bet on. That's where Resource Maven can help.
Gwen knows mining and exploration. As a mining journalist Gwen spent years visiting projects and interviewing geologists, management teams, and analysts to understand which projects and pieces of news mattered, and why. 
Now she has a deep base of knowledge and a network of contacts across the sector, exactly what is needed for successful resource investing.
Resource Maven offers full exposure to Gwen's search for resource stocks with real potential. The search involves commodity news and politics and geology and the markets, but above all else it relies on people. 
Who put together that new company? Who fronted the capital and what are their goals? Who is telling the story and to whom? And more generally: what are the brokers, major investors, and deal makers of Vancouver's resource sector talking about? These conversations are the lifeblood of the sector. They are how the sector's movers and shakers learn about new deals and buy up positions before the rest of the market. Gwen is part of these conversations. Resource Maven followers get a view into that process. Resource Maven subscribers get the conclusions: which stocks are set to rise and why. 

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