Nano One is developing patented technology for the low-cost production of high performance battery materials used in electric vehicles, energy storage and consumer electronics. The processing technology enables a wider range of lithium raw material inputs, simplifies production, provides flexibility to produce any lithium ion cathode material and enables improvements to cathode durability. The novel process uses equipment common to industry and Nano One has built a pilot plant to demonstrate high volume production. Nano One’s mission is to establish its patented technology as a leading platform for the global production of next generation cathode materials. For more information, please visit www.nanoone.ca

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Cantech Investment Conference 2019

January 29-30, 2019, Metro Toronto Convention Center 255 Front St W Toronto, ON, M5V 2W6 Canada

We are excited to bring together over 3,500 engaged investors with 100+ leading technology companies to showcase Canada's latest innovation and investment opportunities!