Airborne Geophysical Surveys and Exploration 
Geotech is a leader in technological innovation for geophysical surveys that offer you better, clearer, deeper images

As an innovator in the design and application of detailed airborne geophysical surveys for over 30 years, Geotech provides our clients with the most advanced geophysical exploration platforms, data processing and data interpretation available in the market today.

Our airborne geophysical survey services include:

VTEM - Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic system
ZTEM - Z-Tipper Axis Electromagnetic system
Magnetic gradiometer
Gamma-ray spectrometer surveys
Geotech operates over 30 VTEM systems and over 10 ZTEM systems worldwide. Our proprietary, large dipole moment VTEM system is the airborne system of choice by the geophysical exploration community.

International and experienced airborne surveys

We have been providing experienced worldwide airborne surveys longer than any other company, and our sustainability means that you can count on us to be a reliable partner in the future. In addition to our leading edge technologies, we are dedicated to building top-notch relationships with our clients to provide the best possible service, at home and abroad.

Thousands of kilometers in airborne surveys flown every day
Over 2 million line kilometers flown to date with our helicopter time domain electromagnetic systems
Over 200 employees and contractors
A growing fleet consisting of 18 aircraft and more than 40 helicopter and fixed winged systems

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