Since our debut in 2010, MediaValet™ continues to lead the rapidly emerging cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) industry. Our vision is to provide companies of all sizes and industries, around the globe, with an enterprise-class DAM solution that’s easy to use, accessible from any browser, infinitely scalable, highly secure and supported by the best DAM team in the world.

In early 2009, with 20 terabytes of digital assets under management and over 8,000 hotel customers, VRX Studios Inc., the world’s leading provider of photography and content services to the global hospitality and travel industries, desperately needed a digital asset management solution. After a frustrating, entirely unsuccessful, year-long search, the VRX team threw in the towel. There were simply no affordable digital asset management solutions that could meet VRX Studios’ needs.

Not one to shy away in the face of adversity, VRX Studios’ founder and CEO, David MacLaren, decided to tackle the challenge head on. Leveraging the power of Microsoft’s innovative platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud offering, Azure, David and VRX’s CTO, Jean Lozano, put together a team and built the first 100% cloud-based, enterprise-grade, digital asset management system – from scratch – on the Cloud. This was the beginning of the MediaValet Story.

Today, MediaValet stands at the forefront of the cloud-based digital asset management industry, ahead of all industry stalwarts, with David and Jean at the helm driving innovation and instilling the spirit and personality that has endeared MediaValet to many of the world’s leading brands.

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