ARHT Media Inc. creates HumaGrams™ – the worlds most believable and interactive human holograms. HumaGrams are generated using our Augmented Reality Holographic Technology (ARHT™), which is a scalable, repeatable and transportable form of 3D without the use of special glasses.  This unique platform makes it possible for all kinds of Human-to-HumaGram interaction, opening up a wide range of applications from retail displays to tradeshow booths and presentations, to live shows and concerts.  All of which can be connected to multiple forms of proximity and mobile marketing to connect with your audience, drive your sales efforts and create memorable experiences.

ARHT Media Inc. was founded in 2012, by Rene Bharti, and entertainer Paul Anka. The company is supported by a diverse and seasoned Management Teamspearheaded by CEO Paul Duffy, a global entrepreneur and creator of the Digital Human Experience in online, mobile and holographic communications. ARHT Media’s team brings decades of experience from fields including entertainment, technology, marketing and finance. Advisors to the company include the likes of Larry King, Richard “Skip” Bronson, Jason Bateman, Michael Bublé, Irving Azoff and Carlos Slim.

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