Established in 2013, Aphria is owned and operated by highly experienced greenhouse growers who have been growing flowers and vegetables since 1943. Our experience, proven growing methods, and advanced facilities and systems enable us to grow the highest quality medical marijuana available in Canada.
The design and construction of our world-class greenhouse facilities provide the perfect growing environment for medical marijuana. The glass ceilings of our greenhouses allow our plants to benefit from the natural rays of the sun, while protecting them from harsh weather and harmful pests, the highly advanced control systems within our greenhouses maintain optimal temperature, humidity, light, and C02 levels for growing medical marijuana.
We grow all of our plants without the use of pesticides, and we use a computerized drip irrigation system to ensure that each individual plant receives the exact amount of water and nutrients necessary for it to thrive. On the chance that unwanted pests find their way into our enclosed ecosystem, we use a unique natural biological pest management system that uses good bugs to eliminate any bad bugs that might harm our plants.
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