About Us
Quadriga Fintech Solutions (QFS) is a growth-stage Internet FinTech company that delivers a trading solution for the buying and selling of digital currencies among our customers. The globally scalable Internet platform, hosted on www.quadrigacx.com delivers innovative solutions to customers that allow them to buy and sell digital currencies using traditional payment methods. The platform offers various transactional capabilities to customers, including cross-border transactions, merchant processing of digital currencies and conversions to a customer’s digital wallet. The solutions QFS delivers give customers trading and transactional capabilities with low fees that are almost instantaneous. Anyone can open a digital account with Quadriga in certain eligible countries provided applicable regulatory requirements, such as AML regulatory compliance and sanctions requirements, are satisfied.

Market Performance
Quadriga Fintech Solutions is one of the leading providers of digital currency solutions in Canada and was one of the first companies to develop customized trading software technology in Canada for digital currencies. QFS estimates that the trading platform QuadrigaCX processes between 60% to 90% of the volume of digital currency exchange transactions in Canada, which varies depending upon the day, calculated by trade volumes measured and published by the Canadian Bitcoin Index. 

The Future
The company intends to launch a research and development lab for distributed ledger technology, also called Blockchain technology, which is believed to be the first lab in Canada for the development of technology in this area. The research and development lab will help the company stay current with the rapidly evolving changes to FinTech and capitalize on the potential future applications of the distributed ledger technology. We have built our business organically 2013 and now have 12,400 customers across Canada. As a leading provider of digital currency solutions in Canada, Quadriga Fintech Solutions is well-positioned to capitalize on the Canadian market shift towards the adoption of FinTech products and services.

Events & Conferences