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We will help you increase your wealth and grow rich together by focusing on future trends. Currently we believe the U.S. is in a depression, the dollar is our biggest risk, and that we need to not only survive this economy, we want to thrive and prosper in it.

Increasing our knowledge by seeking out the information that no one else is, we consider ourselves fact finders. This is what our team of researchers do, so our job is to share it with you, we cover the economy, markets, and global shifts in trends that directly effect you.

People, honestly this is the most important investment in your life. Your relationships, the people you surround yourself with, listen to, and partner with on investments. From top analysts to CEO’s of publically traded companies, connecting you with the right people is the biggest responsibility we have at FutureMoneyTrends.com.


Mondays: You expect to receive a new investment idea or trading idea, most are large caps or sector trades, these reports offer technical analysis as well as our economic analysis.

Wednesdays: Looking to thrive during the current U.S. depression? Read our special digest from our Chief Strategist Daniel Ameduri. “My goal is to not only be prepared for this unprecedented transition in the global economy, I want us to profit together in order to improve the lives of all our families.”

Saturdays: Top interviews with expert guests we believe are the type of people who will help us survive and thrive in the new economy. We hold no punches during these interview, so please take the time every weekend to catch up with us and listen to these insightful interviews.

Weekly: Elite profiles of the companies that we would feel comfortable in recommending our grandmothers. These are high growth speculative ideas, but we seek out the companies led by the right people, have good project potential, and the ability to build their business with the right shareholders.

Please send all of your questions to TrendAlerts@FutureMoneyTrends.com

we will do our best to feature your question in Daniel’s weekly digest on Wednesdays.

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