Dakota Territory Resource Corp is committed to creating shareholder value through the acquisition and responsible exploration and development of high caliber gold properties in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

In terms of total historic US gold production, the Black Hills ranks second only to the Carlin District of northeast Nevada, with the gold production of the Black Hills concentrated in a 100 square mile area known as the Homestake District. Dakota Territory maintains 100% ownership of the 2,015 acre Blind Gold Property located approximately 4 miles northwest and on structural trend with the historic Homestake Gold Mine. Through its 125 year production history, the Homestake Gold Mine produced approximately 40 million ounces of gold and was the largest iron-formation-hosted gold deposit in the world.

In the 1980′s and 1990′s Homestake Mining Company undertook a 70 million dollar exploration program managed by Richard Bachman, President and CEO of Dakota Territory Resource Corp that was focused primarily on the search for a repeat of the Homestake Mine. The exploration program successfully discovered significant new gold mineralization two miles northwest of the producing mine and conclusively proved the continuous extension of the Homestake iron-formation host to a distance of approximately 4 miles and under the Blind Gold Property. Low gold prices forced the suspension of the Homestake effort in 1994 and no further work was conducted prior to the closing of the Mine in 2002.

Dakota Territory Resource Corp is uniquely positioned through its management and technical teams to leverage the experience of past exploration endeavors in the Black Hills, building from the point where Homestake Mining Company left off in 1994.

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