Founded in 2007, Magor realized from the start that traditional bridged video conferencing architectures weren’t optimized for supporting the workflows found in today’s businesses.  Designed around scheduled meet-me presentation scenarios, bridged architectures struggle to deliver the flexibility needed to meet a wide variety of use cases outside of the meeting room environment. 

Moreover, we also believed that the inherent  misalignment between MCU-based meet-me solutions and the growing demand for more natural video interaction was creating a significant opportunity for whoever delivered a video solution that worked the way people naturally worked.  Clearly, a whole new way of thinking was needed to enable people in all types of situations and workflows to work visually together when they’re apart.  

Our response is Aerus, the first cloud-based, truly switched visual collaboration solution that removes the constraints of the traditional video conferencing meet-on-the bridge single workflow model for multipoint sessions. Aerus integrates high-quality video with very flexible data collaboration to enable spontaneous, fluid and organic workflows that allows users to collaborate in native resolution while sharing control of the conversation, desktops, applications, whiteboards and other materials.  

Aerus’ flexibility supports users no matter what their workflow – whether it’s  spontaneous or scheduled, two people or 15 people, presentation or collaboration, boardroom or desktop or mobile, undersea cable repair or home-based healthcare, down the hall or around the world.

Existing video conferencing architectures create barriers to natural and spontaneous collaboration. These obstacles include MCUs, high hardware and network infrastructure costs, limited collaboration capabilities, latency and interoperability issues, cumbersome scalability, inability to support various devices and a rigid scheduling-based approach to collaboration.  

Our innovative approach takes down those barriers, puts it into the cloud and gets technology out of the way, enabling spontaneous and natural interaction between people who need to work together now, make decisions quickly and improve productivity.


  • Founded in 2007
  • Software release 1.0 of Magor Visual Collaboration released in 2009
  • Customers represent varied industries around the world, including government, law enforcement, retail, manufacturing, education, oil and gas, and aerospace.
  • Publicly listed on the TSX-V (TSX-V: MCC)  March 2013
  • Launched Aerus, the first cloud-based switched software video collaboration solution in March 2013.
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