Antennas are required for all wireless communications. As mobile communications and wireless connectivity become increasingly essential to our daily lives, there is a large and growing demand for mobile and broadband products such as smartphones, tablets and home networking products. The antenna industry has grown, and is expected to continue to grow with the proliferation of mobile devices and the exponential growth in mobile data traffic. These trends place new demands on designers and manufacturers of mobile devices, and have resulted in a need for increasingly complex, innovative and highly engineered antenna solutions. Moreover, the rise in data traffic and consumer expectations for network connectivity anytime, anywhere, are placing significant strain on cellular networks, especially in large, high-density public venues. Innovative, new antennas for the wireless infrastructure sector help solve these problems by enabling or enhancing wireless connectivity in areas where there is no or limited coverage and, more importantly, increasing mobile data capacity.

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February 23, 2018
Randy Dewey, Baylin Technologies Inc. at the Cantech Investment Conference, January 31, in Toronto.
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