BulletWe are a research-driven, institutional investment dealer, focused on providing a superior level of service to the small to mid-cap market.

In order to achieve that goal we have assembled a talented group of people that have exceptional abilities in research, sales, trading, investment banking and administration.

It all starts with our clients.  We seek to find and research attractive investment opportunities that will create value for our institutional clients.  We know that success for us will be driven by the success of our clients. 

We identify small and mid cap Canadian issuers with superior management teams, sustainable business strategies and strong prospects for growth. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of forward-thinking, independent research on these investment opportunities to our institutional client base.

Once an opportunity is identified, we seek to become the dominant trader in the equity by employing a uniquely focused concentration. 

We seek to be experts in all we do.  Our research analysts develop a high degree of expertise in the companies and industries they cover; our sales and trading staff develop in-depth knowledge of the capital market dynamics affecting different investments and our investment banking group works closely with issuers helping them achieve their goals of financing growth.

We deliver ideas, knowledge, service, transactional expertise and value.

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