Listed Magazine


No other magazine in Canada has better access to the C-suite than Listed. While most business magazines are written for the lowest common denominator, Listed magazine is written exclusively for the senior executives and board members of Canadian listed companies. It communicates the stories and perspectives that are important to them as members of the listed community and is a forum for ideas and issues relevant to anyone running a listed Canadian company.

The editorial focus includes corporate finance, legal and regulatory affairs, corporate strategy, investor relations, governance, exchanges, the economy, public affairs, compensation, productivity tools and sector analysis. Listed features interviews with leading business and political personalities, as well as first-person viewpoints from members of the listed community. The presentation is lively, authoritative, intelligent and strategic.

As a quarterly, Listed does not attempt to be a breaking news source, but it tackles topics that are current and relevant to its audience. The articles delve deeply into issues, helpingListed readers make sense of the complex and demanding environment in which they operate.

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