For over a quarter of a century, legendary investor and best-selling author Doug Casey and his team at Casey Research have been helping self-directed investors to earn superior returns through innovative investment research designed to take advantage of market dislocations.

How We Do It...

We watch every sector, looking for opportunities. More often than not, market dislocations are created by governments which, by trying to "fix" or "manage" a situation, create unintended consequences that can be profitably acted upon.

We are believers in the free markets and understand the fundamental reality that the more a government interferes in a market, the more likely there will be consequences… negative for the inattentive, but potentially very positive for the aware.

We focus on the investment sectors with significant upside potential. Investing in garden variety mutual funds or low-yielding money market funds will never make you rich. Investing in sectors with significant upside, on the other hand, can. But with significant upside comes significant risk.

We research, Research, RESEARCH. To manage the risk, we employ multiple proprietary research methodologies including legendary investor, and best-selling author, Doug Casey’s 8 P’s of Resource Stock Evaluation.

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Part Two of the Cambridge House Legacy Series, close up with Doug Casey, author, publisher, professional investor, founder and chairman of Casey Research.
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