The Gilden Group is a collection of diversified and individually listed mineral exploration companies that are independently managed by experienced and highly knowledgeable people in the industry, each with unique strengths.  By maintaining the companies under a unified name, the Gilden Group has achieved the benefit of leveraging each company’s resources and broad network of relationships to allow the companies to focus on developing different projects across the globe.

With an outstanding track record of discovery and development, the team has proven to be highly capable of identifying, cultivating, and confirming a given asset.  The team has experience with an extensive range of commodities including gold, graphite, copper, nickel, VMS deposits, and diamonds.  Furthermore, the team is rich in experience working around the world from the Arctic down to Australia. 

With the portfolio that the Gilden Group carries, investors are given the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of projects that are powered by the steadfast goal of delivering strong results to shareholders.  By combining the technical expertise, global experience, and dedication that the team has to offer, the Gilden Group is well positioned for continuous success in the industry.


Below is a list of companies currently positioned in the Gilden Group:

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