Vertical Events is the premier mining and resources conference organising company in Australia. Since establishment in 1998, Vertical Events has organised and implemented some of the largest and most renowned mining and resources conferences in the country.

Vertical Events’ Founder and Managing Director Mr Stewart McDonald, launched and pioneered some of Australia’s most popular resources and energy events. 

All of these Conferences have grown into the leading events of their field and include: Mining Resources Convention, RIU Good Oil Conference, RIU Explorers Conference, RIU Melbourne Resources Round-up and the RIU Sydney Resources Round-up.

Vertical Events also holds specific and targeted events including the Australian Copper Conference, Australian Uranium Conference and Gold Coast Investment Showcase.

Not just catering for our Australian domestic resources events as Vertical Events is the agent for participants in the China Mining Conference, held in Tianjin, China as well as the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. Vertical Events is now proudly involved with ten corporate conferences on an annual basis.

Events & Conferences