Yellowjacket Resources is a junior exploration and mining company operating the Yellowjacket Gold Project located 9km east of Atlin, B.C. on the historical Pine Creek.   The company is managed by the same team that brought you Eagle Plains and Copper Canyon Resources.

Corporate History

The company is focused on developing and mining the gold resources located within three known zones of the Yellowjacket property along the historic Pine Creek.  These three zones are the Rock of Ages, the Yellowjacket and the Gold Run.  See the projects page for an orthophoto and map of this area. 

History of the Yellowjacket Property

The Yellowjacket Property has a rich history.  Gold was discovered in the Atlin area by prospectors using the Overland Trail from Edmonton, Alberta enroute to the Klondike in 1898.  The ensuing gold rush lasted several years, and although many creeks in the area produced "colour," Pine Creek became the epicenter of this rush.  It was placer mined coincidently with the Klondike by the same adventurers who sought the riches of the North and wished to escape the confines of society.  Pine Creek proved to be much easier to access than Dawson City and soon attracted fortune hunters disembarking their ships at Skagway and Dyea, Alaska.  The current Yellowjacket site once hosted up to 10,000 people, mostly placer miners, in a city of cabins located along Pine Creek called Discovery; to compare, the Klondike at the height of it's gold rush was home for up to 30,000 people

Approximately 1 million ounces of placer was recorded as being produced by the area and it is presumed that several more millions of ounces may have been recovered that were not recorded.  The area underwent the same transition as the Klondike with the minions of individual placer miners eventually being replaced by corporations who had consolidated their claims.  These corporations in turn employed large work forces to operate behemoth dredges that processed the gold bearing gravels as they floated on sloughs created by damming Pine Creek.  This transition marked the end of the heyday; the era of the Canadian gold rush had come to a close. 

Today few remnants remain.  Weary windowless cabins lean heavily as a testiment to the northern winter weight.  Near Atlin, a small cemetery hosts those who succumbed while seeking these riches, their epitaph inscribed on weathered wooden plaques and crooked crosses.  In the town of Altin, a museum diplays photos of those who toiled for gold and some of the machinery they employed to pursue these dreams.

Yellowjacket Resources has successfully permitted the first hard rock mine developed to process the ore that underlies the historical placer workings. Yellowjacket Resources also has the placer rights to much of the area within it's hard rock tenure.  This mine is seasonally operated and processes up to 400 tonnes per day.  The spin-off from Eagle Plains will facilitate adopting mining expertise into the new company in order to most efficiently manage the mining operations.  At the same time, experienced in-house exploration geologists will continue to methodically explore the project with the design to build a large gold resource wit the ultimate intent to attact the acquisition interest of a large gold producer.

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