Callinan Royalties Corporation is a growing mineral royalty company based in Canada. By prudently managing its royalty cash flows, Callinan pursues a growth strategy expanding its royalty portfolio by creating mineral royalties through financing and acquisition. While management of risk and value creation for shareholders are key priorities, Callinan fosters an entrepreneurial culture and encourages unconventional thinking in seeking business opportunities.


Corporate History

Callinan Royalties is one of the newest players in the royalty industry, yet it is also one of Canada's oldest publicly traded companies. It was originally established in 1927 and has had a major presence in the Flin Flon Mining district in northern Manitoba, Canada. In 2011, the business was split in two entities: an exploration company and a pure royalty company.

Business Model

Callinan's first royalty asset on the 777 mine was the result of being one of the original claim holders in the Flin Flon district. Callinan Royalties is now opening a new page in its history by carefully managing its free cash flow to pursue new opportunities and to expand its royalty portfolio. Our strategy is to acquire mineral royalties at attractive prices but also create royalties through early stage exploration financing.

Callinan is committed to generating value for its shareholder by taking a long term approach. We are regularly redistributing earnings in the form of dividends or timely share repurchases.

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