Hera Research focuses on value investing in natural resources based on original geopolitical, macroeconomic and financial market analysis related to global supply and demand and competition for natural resources.  Hera Research subscribers include financial advisors, fund managers and accredited individual investors.

Hera Research seeks to identify resource stocks that can gain 100% or more in 18 to 24 months spanning companies that discover, develop and produce natural resources that are rising in price because of supply and demand fundamentals, macroeconomic and geopolitical factors, and due to structural trends and changes in the global financial system and economy, such as those related to globalization and currency wars.


Current areas of research include precious metals (gold, silver and platinum group metals), strategic metals and minerals, such as copper, lithium and graphite, as well as oil, gas and coal, green energy, agriculture, rare earth element (REEs), uranium and more. 

Hera Research is funded by customer subscriptions and does not accept payment from companies for coverage or advertising.
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