Virginia Mines (VGQ-TSX) is a mining exploration company with its head office in Quebec City, Canada. Long regarded as a leader in the Province of Quebec and one of the largest landowners in northern Quebec, Virginia works relentlessly on many projects in various stages of growth in order to develop mineral resources. Goldcorp acquired one of our discoveries, the Eleonore project, in a friendly transaction in March 2006. After this transaction, Virginia Mines (VGQ-TSX) was created to pursue our mission: exploration in James-Bay. Many of Virginia’s projects involve partnership agreements with major and junior mining companies. These exploration partners contribute to Virginia's annual exploration budget. Strengthened by the discovery of the Eleonore project and more than 15 years expertise on the territory, Virginia's team is recognized as being one of the best in Canada. Virginia also has strategic alliances with many consultants and universities that participate in the development of its projects. Virginia is constantly on the lookout for world-class deposits or new mining camps and Quebec, noted for its exceptional mineral potential, also offers political stability, one of the best geoscientific databases in the world, and a multitude of incentives aimed at mining exploration. Virginia is proud of the discovery of the Eleonore deposit in a new district that is now considered as a new mining camp in James-Bay.

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