By Nicholas – Published on December 7, 2017
Many people associate the phrase “Made in China” with less than stellar quality. To be sure, there is a lot of lower quality products that are still manufactured all over China. But the government in China has made developing higher quality industries a big priority. With this push to...
Published on December 6, 2017
Frank Curzio shares insight on the Bitcoin market.
Published on December 6, 2017
How Technology is Changing Mining - David Morgan
By Nicholas – Published on December 5, 2017
The entire cryptocurrency space had an incredible year. Bitcoin is the largest crypto at the moment, when measured by market capitalization, but smaller cryptos like Ethereum have seen much larger gains since the beginning of 2017. While bitcoin has gone up by nearly 1000% since January,...
By Nicholas – Published on December 4, 2017
***Author's Note: Towards the end of this piece, I veer away from what could be considered objective, and introduce an opinion on the future value of Bitcoin. This is my opinion, and as far as I know, not the opinion of Cambridge House*** The week is just beginning, but it would appear that...
By Nicholas – Published on December 2, 2017
Apple might be in the middle of taking over a Canadian VR/AR company that is based in Montreal. TechCrunch sites sources that are close to what is said to be a $30 Million US Dollar takeover of Vrvana, who up to this point has quietly been developing unique VR/AR technology, as well as working on...
By Lindsay – Published on December 1, 2017
DMG Blockchain Solutions CEO Dan Reitzik defines blockchain mining and discusses how industries will be disrupted by blockchain technology.
By Nicholas – Published on December 1, 2017
It took Bitcoin just 2 days to close the gap between $9000 USD and $10,000 USD, and then after blasting past $11,000 USD, it crashed to below $9000 USD in a matter of a few hours. To say that the crypto space is volatile would seem like an understatement. Most of the major cryptos seem to be...
By Nicholas – Published on November 30, 2017
The drone industry has taken off in a big way all over the world. Today there are many industries that are looking for ways to use drones to save money, and make their operations more efficient. In addition to the private sector, there are many areas in the Canadian government that are looking to...
By Lindsay – Published on November 27, 2017
Local VR/AR leader, Dan Burgar, explores what makes Vancouver a strong global hub for innovation, the future of virtual reality, and disruptive technologies to watch out for.
By Lindsay – Published on November 24, 2017
Dr Brendan Byrne, one of the leaders in virtual healthcare, shares insight on the notion of virtual healthcare and new emerging technologies.
By Lindsay – Published on November 17, 2017
Alex Tapscott, Founder and CEO of NextBlock Global, breaks down how to understand blockchain, ways it will transform our economy, and more at Extraordinary Future 2017.
By Lindsay – Published on November 15, 2017
Jay Martin, CEO of Cambridge House International, shares his story on the creation of Extraordinary Future, hot topics at this year's show, and the power of connection at Cambridge House events.
By Nicholas – Published on September 5, 2017
Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology are some of the most promising new technology sectors. Vancouver has long been one of Canada's leading technology centers, and today VR/AR development has found a home in the heart of British Columbia. In addition to having a smart...
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