Mike Alkin is the Founder and Director of Research of The Stock Catalyst Report, an investment newsletter that offers investors the opportunity to join the journey in the search for value through the eyes of an experienced former hedge fund manager.

Mike spent the last 20 years in the hedge fund industry. He worked for a few multi-billion dollar hedge funds. During his career he was an analyst, portfolio manager and partner. At times he was responsible for several hundred million dollars of capital.

He’s traveled to many countries throughout the world, some where many don’t often look, searching for mispriced industries and stocks.

​Mike avoids the crowd, is contrarian and his team and he dive deep into their research.  The research is primary, honed and repeated, reevaluated and repeated again.  All of this is designed to strive for the one result that he ALWAYS measure himself by – Absolute returns.

​Mike’s investment selection is market cap agnostic, ignores geographic borders and is full of deep memories of the successes and mistakes he’s made throughout the years. These serve as the guidepost and foundation for a set of principles that serve as the bedrock of his investing philosophy. 

​When he is not scouring financial reports or doing field visits, Mike can usually be found in the village of Garden City, NY, either in the audience at his daughter’s dance recitals, on the sidelines of his son’s lacrosse and football games, or taking direction from his wife on how not to overcook the steaks again on the grill (which he denies doing).

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