I've had the distinct honour and privilege of building TIO Networks, an organization that is focused on serving a demographic that doesn't always get the respect that it deserves. Building financial products and services that aim to improve the lives of the LMI (low to moderate income) demographic is a mission that I share with our other leaders and partners at TIO Networks.  

Our concern is that there are too many usury practices in our industry and there need to be more companies that stand up for the customer and provide a better experience. We are one such company and we are deeply passionate about providing a better experience. 

We named the company "TIO" because it means "Uncle" in spanish. Uncles are great because they care a lot and dig deep to be as helpful as possible. They are passionate about helping their nieces and nephews with solutions to improve their lives and do so by always trying to "do the right thing". We are seeking to be an "Uncle" to our customers and provide them with safe, secure and convenient access to consumer bill payments and other financial services.  

Our approach has worked. We have processed billions of dollars of bill payments through a myriad of channels (Retail Point of Sale, Self-service kiosk, Mobile and web applications) but we've still only just started. Historically, we've been especially focused on improving our customers' access to "expedited" payments and give them confidence to make time sensitive or "last minute" payments when they need to. We continue to evolve and find new ways of helping and meeting the needs of our customer base.  

With the rise of smartphones, prepaid technologies and other innovations, we see a lot of room to innovate and be very relevant in a quickly changing industry. Stay tuned for our best… its still yet to come!

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