Co-Founder and CEO of BTL Group (TSXV:BTL), a highly innovative blockchain technology company that has built Interbit, BTL’s blockchain platform ( Interbit is an open, multi-chain, asset settlement platform with a suite of APIs and smart contracts that allow businesses from across the world to provide global access to fast, secure and auditable financial and asset trading services.

BTL works with some of the world’s largest companies in both the finance and energy space to demonstrate and implement blockchain solutions that can streamline processes, such as settlement and reconciliation, leading to huge cost savings. BTL has also deployed its technology into the gaming sector to help improve integrity and best practices. BTL’s mission is to bring the world’s critical systems into consensus.

Analytical and programmatic thinker who recognized early on that blockchain, the underlying technology to Bitcoin, was a ground-breaking innovation with the potential to transform industries.

Regular speaker on technology and blockchain at industry events and conferences across the globe sharing expertise and experiences working with some of the largest companies in the world.

Keen interest in the startup eco-system and passionate about helping startups realize their true potential. Avid supporter of arts and culture, environmental causes and the role of education, science and technology in the betterment of society. Continually on the lookout for new opportunities and to help Not For Profits, NGOs and startups realize their goals within an ever evolving digital marketplace.

Also Co-Founder of QuickBitcoin a bitcoin trading company that introduced one of the first bitcoin ATMs to the United Kingdom in 2013

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