I have worked for both large and small firms, started several businesses and executed plans for sales, marketing, product and service offering development, client management, pricing models, operational execution and financials. I have hired, developed and managed both staff and consultants by providing the processes and framework to ensure theirs and the company’s success. 

For the past 3 years I've been an Executive in Residence at Wavefront which allows me to utilize my experience with early stage companies, assisting young entrepreneurs to build successful businesses. Having lived in SoCal for 8 years, I am also able to leverage my contacts in the US for fund raising and helping companies to enter the US market. 

I am hands on and known as someone who can be relied on for innovative thinking and for getting things done.

Specialties: Executive Management
Sales, marketing, Business Development
Market analysis/segmentation, service offering development/definition
Hyper-local Mobile marketing strategy & campaigns 
Social media community management
Customer Service, Team building/personnel management, Supplier management, vendor contract management, budgeting,Ad Agency contracting/management
Online/Mobile Solutions
Commerce – Mcommerce, on-line payment, security, POS integration

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