Aimee is an experienced senior manager working in the tech space. She has a passion for strategy, marketing and community. With a natural toolkit of soft skills developed over years of hands-on experience, Aimee has demonstrated an ability to bring teams together and get people working toward a common goal.  

Most recently, Aimee deployed these skills in her role as VP of Marketing and Community at Voleo, a fin-tech start-up working to develop a collaborative equities trading mobile platform. Some of her recent roles include the development and execution of a marketing recruitment campaign for the Langley Division of Family Practice in 2015, following on from the success of her development and management of blitz marketing strategies to support the launch of the Happy Water bottled water brand a few years earlier. Aimee has also held senior positions in a number of charitable and not-for-profit organizations including TEDxGastownWomen as the Production Manager for 2015 and Operations Manager for 2016, and Ovarian Cancer Canada as the Walk of Hope Chair for 2015, and as an advisor and spokesperson for 2016. Aimee holds a BBA in Marketing from Langara College in 2014.

Aimee is always learning and looking for new ideas and trends, following the latest developments on social media and across the broader media as a whole. By keeping an eye out for developing trends and reading the latest news on economic policy, political machinations, and pop culture events, Aimee is able to reach into current affairs to help her develop comprehensive and appropriate strategies for both marketing and business growth.

She has a real passion for reaching out to customers, users, and the community as a whole and engaging with them both as large groups, and making personal connections with individuals. Aimee is a natural collaborator, bringing together people and getting them engaged with whatever it is she is working with, whether it be a brand, a product, or even an idea.

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