About Venzee Inc.

The biggest challenge facing the retail industry today is that 90% of suppliers and manufacturers still use spreadsheets to share critical information about their products and inventory with their retailers.

This means companies, from enterprise to SMB's, must employ people to convert these spreadsheets into records and updates that can work with their solution, store or marketplace.

The process is expensive, results in human error, delays products and updates reaching consumers and does not scale.

This is why some of the worlds most recognizable brands are interested in Venzee's ability to replace labor intensive and costly spreadsheets with quick to deploy integrations and data transformation. Oracle, SAP, GS1, Walmart, Amazon, Shopify, Magento.. Venzee speaks their language.

Their team has proven domain and startup experience including exits. They have worked at companies including Amazon, Ebay, Google and Expedia.

Venzee is accelerated by 500 Startups and a 2015 Generator Winner.

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