About Datametrex AI Ltd.

Datametrex AI Limited (TSXV:  DM) is a technology focused holding company with exposure to four exciting verticals; Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Mining & Big Data

• Nexalogy – Wholly-Owned Subsidiary - Artificial  Intelligence,  Machine  Learning and Natural Language Processing  solutions.

• Graph  Blockchain – Joint Venture - Bespoke Database  Management Blockchain solutions for large enterprise

• Ronin Blockchain – Wholly-Owned Subsidiary - Industrial Scale  Cryptocurrency Mining - up to 300MW capacity •

• Datametrex Limited – Wholly-Owned  Subsidiary - Big data and  Systems Integration solutions

Datametrex is lead by an experienced team of operators and capital markets professionals.

The objective of the company is to identify, acquire and/or partner with companies in disruptive technologies that are early in their lifecycle.

The key is to identify driven entrepreneurs who are committed to innovating and developing best in class technologies that will disrupt the current status quo.

Datametrex management team is committed to scaling up our subsidiary companies and positioning them for growth and long-term value creation for our shareholders.

The goal is to position our subsidiaries to be large enough in scale and revenues to substantiate being stand alone public companies.  This end goal will position Datametrex to have continued exposure to our subsidiary companies growth while at the same time make room for new exciting opportunities.

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