About Blockchain Assembly Inc.

Blockchain Assembly is a technology and financial advisory firm that accelerates early-stage technology companies with game-changing blockchain initiatives. Headquartered in Vancouver Canada, Blockchain Assembly focuses on designing and deploying innovative token-based capital solutions for technology firms with transformative market-leading potential. Our team helps businesses raise capital through comprehensive tokenization strategies, including delivering ICO's to the global crypto market.

Blockchain Assembly provides a full range of services in strategic investment, innovation, and business advisory services to help guide our clients through the complexities of the cryptocurrency market. We partner with our clients to identify, analyze and develop blockchain market opportunities. Further, we concurrently coordinate financial advisory services to ensure that our team is offering entrepreneurs the best opportunities to generate value in this new token economy. Together, we will disrupt and transform global industries.

Blockchain Assembly is spun out of Victory Square Technologies (CSE: VST), which has successfully delivered more than $100 Million of return on investment with over a decade of venture-building technology companies that deliver value to entrepreneurs, customers and shareholders alike.

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