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Meet and connect with 100+ leading technology companies.

Pre-schedule private 1-on-1 meetings for attendees to connect with business leaders and influencers.

3500+ Attendees and engaged investors

Over$1 Billion Currently invested in Canadian tech companies by our attendees

100+ Leading public and private technology companies and startups

2018 Topics

Discover exciting technologies and investing opportunities.

Learn about the disruptive technologies in the industries that will shape the future.

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Security & Marketplaces
  • Robotics & Drones
  • Biotech & Health
  • Fintech
  • Cleantech

New this year, the Cantech Futures stage, showcasing 60 of Canada's greatest privately-held technology companies!



We've got exciting speakers at this years 2018 conference.

Michael Hainsworth
Business Reporter
Business News Network
Andrew Duncan
Anthony Di Iorio
CEO and Founder of Decentral and Jaxx, Co-founder of Ethereum.
Decentral & Jaxx
Tom Emrich
Founding Partner
Super Ventures
Michele Romanow
Co-Founder, Clearbanc, Co-Founder, SnapSaves (acq by Groupon), Dragon on Dragons’ Den
Michael Wekerle
Chairman and Co-founder
Difference Capital Inc.
Allen Lau
Frank Holmes
US Global Investors
John Vandermay
Alex Katzen
VR/AR Specialist
Kevin Rooke
Drew Green
Brian Kobus
OMERS Ventures
Peter Misek
Partner, IT Venture Fund
Lisa Cheng
Founder & Head of R&D
Vanbex Ventures
Gary Baksi
NexJ Health Inc.
Kevin Krishnaratne
Equity Analyst
Paradigm Capital
Alan Smithson
Michael Gaffney
Leonovus Inc.
Dr. Nathan Mekuz
Chief Technology Officer & Vice President
AcuityAds Inc
James Goodwin
Great North Data Inc.
Patrick Gray
HashChain Technology Inc
Prakash Hariharan
CEO & Chairman
AnalytixInsight Inc
Jeff Brunet
Aydin Kilic
Fortress Blockchain Corp
Peter Smyrniotis
Victory Square Technologies Inc
Myles Mcgovern
Immersive Media / Digital Domain Holdings Limited
Claude Théoret
Founder & CEO
Darius Eghdami
FansUnite / Block X Capital
Fraser Buchan
Tradewind Markets
Alex Read
Wellness Lifestyles Inc
Eden Rahim
Portfolio Manager
Next Edge Capital Corp.
Karl Kenny
President & CEO
Kraken Robotic Systems Inc.
Graham Cunliffe
Director of Business Affairs
Finger Food Studios
Jake Cassaday
Relay Ventures
Associate Partner
Armen Bakirtzian
Co-founder & CEO
Intellijoint Surgical
Sean Stanleigh
Managing Editor
The Globe and Mail
Kevin Hobbs
Vanbex Ventures
Dawn Jutla
Founder & CEO
Peer Ledger
Russell Stanley
Echelon Wealth Partners
Vivek Burhanpurkar
Cyberworks Robotics
Whitney Rockley
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association
Nick Waddell
Founding Editor
Cantech Letter
Christian Lassonde
Founder & Managing Partner
Impression Ventures.
Kirk Exner
Dapplify Blockchain Solutions Inc
Daniel Kim
Paradigm Capital
Adam Adamou
The Ledger Group
Sachin Aggarwal
Think Research
Kathryn Hume
Vice President Product & Strategy
Peter McLachlan
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer
Michael Litt
CEO and co-founder
Michael Kousaie
Head of Business Development, Technology
Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange
Soroush Karimzadeh MBA, P.Eng., PMP
Novarc Technologies
Sean Silcoff
Business Reporter
Globe and Mail
Pardeep S. Sangha, B.A.Sc., MBA
Senior Technology Analyst
Haywood Securities Inc.
Steve Woods
Co-founder & CEO
Robert Fonn
DLA Piper (Canada) LLP

News & Insights

Gather insights into what’s happening in the market today and learn about new technologies.

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How Canada Is Leading The Tech Investing Revolution

Last month we took a look at Canadian companies who are currently attracting global tech investors and helping grow a venture capital culture. During the 2018 Cantech Investment Conference we had a chance to sit down with some of the top CEOs and discuss the path they took and how they are...

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The market for sports gambling in the USA is estimated to be worth at least $150 billion USD. Until the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize sports betting at a federal level, there was no way for anyone to build a business that centred around sports wagering. Now it looks like states are...
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